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    Why work with an interior designer?

    Why work with an interior designer? PGD has 5 reasons for you! 

    Working with an interior designer can:

    1. Provide stability and comfort.
    Designers take into consideration your lifestyle and budget when designing a space, making your home unique and functional for you. 

    2. Save you money.
    Designers know how and where to allocate your budget, eliminating costly mistakes, giving you the biggest bang for your buck, and ultimately saving you money. With access to trade only resources, you have a larger selection of furniture and accessories at or below retail prices, with the added bonus of your designer’s guidance. 

    3. Save you time.
    Home design can be overwhelming. The choices are endless. Designers are responsible for managing projects: ordering materials, working with contractors and installers and anything else associated with completing the design of your home. This allows you time to spend as much or as little time as you like on this process. 

    4. Increase your home value.
    Designers update and renovate according to current trends, functionality and aesthetics, improving the overall value of your home. 

    5. Provide access to trade-only showrooms.
    Designers are able to choose pieces from a wide range of resources that are unavailable to the public. Giving their clients access to the newest trends and products in home design.
    So the question really is, why wouldn’t you use an interior designer?

    Contact Piper Gonzalez Designs by phone, 561-635-6623, or e-mail, Piper@PiperGonzalezDesigns.com, for an in-home consultation.

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